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Market areas and hedging for scalping technique

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Market and heding areas is the last step for the understanding of price action. In this course you should already understand about concepts such us how to define a market area, as well as you can differentiate between buy and sell prices and market intervals. However, it has not been previously discussed how the future trader will defend himself in case of market reversals. 

The use of stop loss is not an option for the price action. Given the volatility that occurs when entering the market with prices in open market hours and macroeconomic data it is not possible to use stop loss. However, we do not open a trade without an exit plan in the event of a reversal. For these scenarios where the prices give intraday reversions, the hedges or buy stops | sell stops orders are used.

Karina Fabi
Co-Founder of "Watch My Trading", the first Spanish-language platform for real-time currency trading with macroeconomic data scenarios. Specialist in intraday trading in currencies, commodities and indices. She began her trading career with Price Action from her hedge fund experience in New York City in 2008.
Market areas and hedging for scalping technique
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