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Market Analysis Workshop

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Market Analysis Workshop is a webinar hosted by Dale Pinkert, whose main purpose is to inform and educate traders. It is meant to be an interactive webinar, with Forex Analytix staff contributing to the presentation and answering participants’ questions. 
The Forex Analytix team usually spends the first hour of the webinar analyzing markets and giving its views on price action & direction, utilizing many of the strategies and patterns which are used extensively at ForexAnalytix. The team will typically refer to the five main analysis types:
- Macro
- Basic Technical
- Candlestick
- Harmonics
- Elliott Waves 

Dale will also typically host a guest during the final 30 minutes of the webinar. These guests are often well-known and respected individuals within the markets. They are usually traders, analysts or general market participants and they provide an insight into their views & methods.

Forex Analytix Team:

Blake Morrow  
Ex-marine with over 20 years of trading experience, having spent 15 years as Chief Currency Strategist at Wizetrade Group and hosted “The Morning EDGE” show. Professional trader, co-founder and CEO of ForexAnalytix.  
Stelios Voulgaridis  
Prominent technical analyst & economist who has traded successfully for many years. Now a consultant & trader for a private fund and co-founder of ForexAnalytix.  
Stelios Kontogoulas  
Former IT consultant turned interest rate derivatives market-maker for nearly a decade in the City of London. Now a PA macro trader and co-founder of ForexAnalytix.  
Dale Pinkert  
Seasoned veteran with decades of experience, notably on the CME floor and in his own GIB firm. Mentor & coach to many prop traders and prolific webinar host.  
Grega Horvat  
A renowned award-winning Elliott Wave specialist who also uses multiple analysis methods for trading. Owner ew-forecast. 
Andre Cardoso 
Former technology / web professional who turned full-time analyst and trader, specialising in Harmonic patterns. 
Amanda Sweeney 
Ex-money broker with a 20-year career in the City of London who turned PA trader and proud mom. Trades mainly using fundamentals and Fibonacci. 
Joe Perry 
Former SAC and Point72 FX / Futures trader who holds a Chartered Market Technician designation and has appeared on Bloomberg News.
Market Analysis Workshop
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