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Live Analysis Room for Bitcoin and Ripple

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Join the Live Analysis webinar for Bitcoin and Ripple. Here our expert Matias Menendez Larre, book author of "Las Ondas de Elliott - El Comportamiento Fractal de los Mercados Financieros", is going to analyze these 2 cryptocurrencies through the wave sequences, fractal patterns, trend persistence indicators, stats and speed, to get a complete picture of the different scenarios could take place. 

Matias Menendez Larre
Before founding The Financial Forecast, Matias Menendez was the Senior Financial Market Analyst at one of the top online forecasting companies, producing: Forex, commodity markets and equity index foresights. He developed the algorithm DMFM (Dynamic Multi Fractal Model), a system able to predict future movements of financial instruments with incredible accuracy. Menendez is the author of the book “Elliott Wave – The Fractal Behaviour of Financial Markets”.  
Live Analysis Room for Bitcoin and Ripple
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