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Good Stocks to Invest in after Jun 19 Quarterly Results

Good Stocks to Invest in after Jun 19 Quarterly Results

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Expert: Shailesh Saraf
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This webinar will focus on the companies which have posted good quarterly numbers in the Jun 19 quarter and which have a good growth potential. The companies and stocks to watch will be discussed in details along with the reasons and parameters for choosing them.

Key Topics 
The objective is to discuss:
1.     How the Quarterly results of companies gives a very good indicator for choosing stocks
2.    What are the key parameters to consider in the Quarterly Results
3.    Sector Analysis
Target Audience 
The Audience for this webinar include Financial Companies, Investors, Traders and Brokers either from Trading firms, Financial Institutions or Freelancers, who want to stay informed and up to date with markets. Also for investors who are looking for a basic guide to understand the process of identifying good fundamental stocks after the Quarterly Results.

The Learning Outcome of This Webinar 
The aim is to enrich the audience with the knowledge of how can one identify good stocks to invest in, on the basis of announced quarterly company results and other key parameters.

Shailesh Saraf

Mr Shailesh Saraf has an experience of nearly 20 years in the financial market, especially in areas related to capital & derivatives market operations, trading, research and management. Mr Shailesh Saraf has learnt international best practices and continues to strive for nothing but the best in terms of both moral and material growth. Passionate about Research, Mr Saraf spearheads the Research team, constantly striving to give maximum value to our clients, whether it is stocks or mutual funds., a research website and Value Stocks App, an initiative of Mr Saraf, aims at providing comprehensive updated research and knowledge on all NSE Stocks, whereas MFDirect App provides an online Direct mutual fund investing platform and empower investors make investment decisions independently.Mr. Shailesh Saraf will be hosting a webinar which will focus on guiding investors on how to study the Growth parameters in Companies Annual & Quarterly Earnings. He will focus on important fundamental parameters like Sales, Operating Profits and Profits after tax. The purpose of the webinar is to empower the Investor to “Be his own Analyst” and invest intelligently by imbibing the knowledge given in the webinar. The webinar aims to make the study of Fundamentals easy for a layman investor.
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