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3 Secrets to Make Your Money Work For You (Without Being Stuck To Your Screen All Day, & Even if You're Not a Math Whiz!)

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Discover How My Tiny $500 Investment Helped Us Buy a Home. You Can Become An Invest Diva Too...  
** PLUS: You'll Have a FREE Access To The Money Mindset Training JUST By Showing Up to The Webinar!  
What You'll Learn In This Training:

Secret #1  : Why being a math whiz doesn't help with becoming a successful investor. 
Secret #2  : How To Start With ONLY A Small Initial Investment.
Secret #3 :  How To Do This WITHOUT Being Stuck To Your Screen All Day (and nap when your kids nap!)
Kiana Danial grew up with very little in the midst of a middle-eastern war and circumstances that left her family with nothing. She then went on to study in Japan and ended up living there for seven years. But she hated the field she studied and later on, her 9-5 job.
Kiana made her first profitable investment during the 2008 market crash. 
... and she was hooked.
But making consistent profit got hard after that. She learned the hard way what the boys of Wall Street don’t want you to know.
Now she makes more in investing than she does running her business.
...and here's a hint, she still does the same thing today, because it works.
If Kiana can do this, so can you! She'll show you how, in this free masterclass.
Worried about your math skills?
Kiana's exclusive Ichimoku Secret shows you what the rest of the market is doing and how to identify the best investment opportunities quickly. 

Don't have a ton of money to invest?

Find out how a little known trick helped Kiana to buy a new house with a tiny $500 initial investment. 

Afraid you won't have time?

See how her 80-year old dad automated the process so he could get dividend payments while he's traveling! 

Kiana Danial
CEO and Founder of Invest Diva, Kiana Danial is an award-winning, internationally recognized personal investing and wealth management expert. She is a highly sought-after professional speaker, author and executive coach who deliver inspirational workshops and seminars to corporations, universities and entrepreneurial groups. She is a frequent expert on many TV and radio stations and has reported on the financial markets directly from the floor of NYSE and NASDAQ. She is a weekly investment expert guest on Tokyo’s #1 Investment TV Show. She has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, TIME Magazine, CNN, Forbes, The Street, – and numerous other publications.  
3 Secrets to Make Your Money Work For You (Without Being Stuck To Your Screen All Day, & Even if You're Not a Math Whiz!)
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