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MrTopStep launched in January 2011. Our name is derived from the Chicago Board of Trade pits. The most senior member in the “pit” was given the distinction of being able to stand at the “top step.”

We provide daily live trade flow from the trading floor as well as news and market observations from large hedge funds and trading desks around the world. We are centralized in the index markets with our desk 10 feet from the S&P futures pit. Our insights are direct from the trading floor and were first delivered on a closed instant message platform for more than 15 years. Now MrTopStep’s IMPRO is available to the public. Our professional traders’ network reaches from coast to coast and extends overseas.

MrTopStep’s IMPro collects market flow that translates into trading opportunities with specific content in real time on an instant message platform. We provide fundamental and technical biases while disseminating what we hear, see and feel regarding the markets.

We may not hear all the news first, but we evaluate the potential market reaction with trading objectives while analyzing the risk/reward. We provide enough color and order flow to offer numerous trading opportunities. When the markets start moving, so does our IM — up or down, we report it throughout the day’s trade and help decipher the swings to help make some sense out of it. It is then up to you as the trader to pick out what part works for you and what doesn’t as you analyze your trades.

Our mission is to explain exactly what we are seeing, hearing and feeling and help turn a variety of color into a more tradeable concept.

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