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Anthony M. Cherniawski
Will The Momentum Fade? By Anthony M. Cherniawski - 4 hours ago

VIX declined toward long-term support at 16.57, extending its Master Cycle low on Friday.The Cycle low put a new outlook on the Model, suggesting that these moves may be at a higher degree Cycle...

Jason Sen
Emini S&P: Bulls Are In Full Control By Jason Sen - 7 hours ago

Emini S&P bulls in full control as we look for 2680, 2686/87 & strong resistance at 2703/06 for profit taking on longs. Shorts probably too risky despite overbought conditions. Be ready to...

Jason Sen
Ftse Shot Higher To The Two Year Trend Line By Jason Sen - 7 hours ago

FTSE mega important resistance at 6935/55 is key to direction. A sustained break above 6970 is a strong buy signal targeting 7000, 7030 and probably 7065/70. Failure to beat 6935/55 targets 6890/80...

Jason Sen
Nasdaq: Positive Outlook For January 21st By Jason Sen - 7 hours ago

Emini Dow Jones topped just 5 ticks from the target of 24750/760. The outlook remains positive as we look for a test of resistance at 24850/870. Shorts look too risky here but are worth a try at...

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