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Boris Schlossberg
Risk On Tone Keeps FX Steady By Boris Schlossberg - 1 hour ago

Market Drivers August 21, 2019 Boris Johnson in talks with Merkel and Macron Risk on flows dominate Nikkei -0.28% Dax +1.11% UST 10Y 1.59% Oil $56/bbl Gold $1499/oz BTCUSD $10100 Europe and Asia: GBP...

Tomasz Wiśniewski
Two Opposing Setups For USD   By Tomasz Wiśniewski - 1 hour ago

The volatility in the market dropped recently and the reason for that seems to be in the Jackson Hole symposium later this week. Traders are waiting for the Jerome Powell to show the direction for the...

Helen Rush
EUR/USD: Key Events Loom By Helen Rush - 2 hours ago

As a reminder, the central bank cut the fed funds rate 0.25% in July for the first time since December 2008. Traders expect the Fed to cut the rate by another quarter percent next month and will be...

Gregor Horvat
EUR/GBP - Bears Incoming By Gregor Horvat - 3 hours ago

Hello fellow traders, EUR/GBP is bearish despite current overlapping recovery from the lows. We see this recovery as part of a higher degree wave B) correction with its three legs, which can look for...

Ian Copsey
Strong Dollar Gains Likely Ahead By Ian Copsey - 4 hours ago

I do get very frustrated when I know where targets are going to develop but have to wait for the Wave i and Wave ii, particularly in the instance where it was long sideways move or expanded flat....

Al Brooks
EUR/USD: Daily Chart Likely To Move Sideways By Al Brooks - 22 hours ago

Friday was the 4th consecutive bears bar on the EUR/USD daily Forex chart. Yesterday’s low was above Friday’s low. It was a pullback in a bear trend and therefore a Low 1 sell signal bar....

Scott Barkley
USD/CHF Channel Opportunity? By Scott Barkley - 22 hours ago

Bullish: Currently we are at 0.9830 in a Range. IF we can break the resistance at 0.9818, we are looking for a continuation initially to the 0.382 Fibo at 0.9852 and then to the ATR...

IFC Markets
Technical Analysis GBP/CAD For August 20 By IFC Markets - 22 hours ago

Getting ready for important events In this review, we suggest to consider the British pound against the Canadian dollar. Is the GBP/CAD quotation growth possible? Such dynamics are observed with the...

Ian Copsey
Pullback Expected For EUR/USD By Ian Copsey - 23 hours ago 1

Yesterday was a rough sideways move, much to my disgust. What’s more, I’m beginning to see another “strange” day. I fancy a pullback in EUR/USD before we see further losses....

JFD Team
AUD/CAD Trades Within An Ascending Triangle By JFD Team - 23 hours ago

AUD/CAD edged north yesterday after it hit support near the 0.8980 area, but the recovery was paused today during the Asian morning, below the key resistance territory of around 0.9050, which has been...

Tomasz Wiśniewski
Euro Is Ready For Another Leg Down   By Tomasz Wiśniewski - Aug 20, 2019

Is the new wave of euro weakness coming to the charts right now? Well, it seems so as the EUR/USD is currently making new weakly lows. Obviously part of the blame goes on the weaker than expected CPI...

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