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Steve Saville
The Coming T-Bond Decline By Steve Saville - Jul 16, 2019

A large divergence between two fundamentally-correlated market prices is important because such a divergence usually will be closed via a big move in one or both prices. However, divergences sometimes...

Iris Pang
China: Soaring Loan Growth Is A Worrying Signal By Iris Pang - Jul 12, 2019

Credit grew at an exceptionally fast pace in June mainly due to financing for infrastructure projects. The implication is that if there were no fiscal stimulus, the economy would be deteriorating. The...

Dean Popplewell
Italy’s BTP Yields Plummet By Dean Popplewell - Jul 11, 2019

Italy’s borrowing costs tumbled on Thursday after an auction of short- and medium-term government bonds showed further evidence of strong demand for higher-yielding Italian debt. Italy paid the...

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